Since 2010, I have been developing e-learning courses for Volkswagen group. The development of these courses is based in the following knowledges and skills:

Technical automotive knowledges

Lots of experience in automotive technology. You can see detailed information in the Automotive section.

Pedagogical skills

In addition to the experience obtained in more than 10 years as e-learning developer, I have received pedagogical training such as:

  • Postgraduate Certificate in Education (CAP) - Universidad Politécnica de Valencia (2004)
  • University expert in tutoring and e-learning teaching - Universidad de Sevilla (2011)
  • Pedagogical courses in the certification as Volkswagen/Škoda Technical Trainer.
  • And many other courses...

Development of multimedia content

For the development of the e-learning materials, I have used a stack of software that includes both open source and proprietary licences. Some of this software are:

Video editing

Adobe premiere (privative license).

ShotCut (Open Source).

Image editing

Adobe Photoshop (privative license).

Gimp (Open Source).

Audio editing

Audacity (Open Source).

Authoring tools

Articulate Storyline (privative license).